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Ipredict4u.in is working for the greater interest of community at large and trying to predict the possible outcome of any practical or imaginary situation or question in mind for later date.

Human mind is very dynamic, omnipresent, volatile and fluid. At the moment there are many things in your mind which are happening at conscious or subconscious level and therefore you may not surely know what is in your mind at present.

While using predictive principles its always better to concentrate on the exactness of the situation, arrive to the question in mind in the form of set of suitable meaningful words and present the same in the form of question to the universe. Universe has the potential and ability to do anything which is known and unknown to us on any time co-ordinates.

Lets explore the unknown at the moment and lets be comfortable to face the situation. By no way anybody can change the destiny or pre-pone or postpone the events which are about to happen in one’s life. The predictive services we are offering solace to the aggrieved minds and troubled souls so that the person becomes more confident to face today and tomorrow in better manner.

You cannot change the past but be prepared to face the challenges of today and tomorrow by considering all facts and realities unknown and known to you.



Stone wise use and general theory





Do not take the predictive indications as final as nobody can be so exact, and therefore do not carry out any activity based on these results without proper consultations and realistic study of any situation. By predictive techniques we are always trying to cross the margin of success beyond 50% as there are always 50% chances of an event happening in your favor as put in very simplistic manner.

The proof of the accuracy is only after realizing that the event has gone in your favor and ipredict4u.in had very closely indicated the outcome in the near past. In that case we shall surely require your testimonial and shall be highly pleased to share the same.


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