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Vastushara is very ancient science of designing, building, constructing an architectural structure which shall help in offering, people using that structure, a comfort, positivity, growth and peace of mind. Vastushastra is all about, Main Directions like East, West, North, South, Sub directions, Southeast, South West, North west, North East, Top and Bottom, also it encompasses 5 major elements like, Fire, Earth, Water, Air and Sky.

There is a scientific relationship between 5 major elements and 10 directions. Some examples, Sun rises on East and Sets in West nobody can change this principle till the life of earth, Water finds its own level and moves from higher potential to lower potential, fire cannot burn without oxygen (As Air contain oxygen), small fire can be put off by water or major blow of air, Small Fire can be a big wildfire engulfing entire flora with the help of fast moving wind, there are so many positives and negatives, which may or may not help the person using that structure.

Vastushastra principles need to be understood and practiced by everybody who is in need of better growth, harmony and success in life. The efforts need to fructify and should yield highest rewards and therefore understanding of vastushastra is very important. You can use these principles at your house, work place, plot, land, office, factory, farmhouse, hospitals, halls, auditoriums, shops and almost anywhere.

10 directions and 5 basic elements are the building blocks and having harmony and connect with them shall bring in proper utilization of resources, saves man hours, time and money, yields maximum throughput and therefore overall growth. Reduction is losses etc.

Any human being who is aspiring of residing, working or spending time in a place where he/ she should be surrounded with positive energy must take help of Vastushatra.

Ipredict4u.in is offering you services by which you can evaluate your real estate, property of any format and check the positivity in all senses, scientific base and related justification shall be given while suggesting the solutions. This process shall happen in 2 steps, step 1 requires drawing/ plan / layout which depicts the current architecture which can be scanned and send to us as jpg or pdf format. Its necessary that there should be pilot north direction indicated on the document being sent to us.

Step 2 is a visit of the Vastu technician to actually inspect all the elements and direction as depicted and the solutions shall be recommended. Vastu solutions are generally, Copper Plates, Pyramids, Gems and semi precious gem stones, beads. Solutions are also like using or not using the area, sitting and slipping directions.  

The Vastu evaluation shall be completed within a span of 48 hours unless otherwise specified and results shall be shared on email, after receiving the fees. The Visit charges are pre-paid and the charges for solution and remedies are additional.
What you need is a compass to know exact direction, which can be identified standing at the centre of the premise and looking outward. upload the photo image of layout plan for necessary study.

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Do not take the predictive indications as final as nobody can be so exact, and therefore do not carry out any activity based on these results without proper consultations and realistic study of any situation. By predictive techniques we are always trying to cross the margin of success beyond 50% as there are always 50% chances of an event happening in your favor as put in very simplistic manner.

The proof of the accuracy is only after realizing that the event has gone in your favor and ipredict4u.in had very closely indicated the outcome in the near past. In that case we shall surely require your testimonial and shall be highly pleased to share the same.


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