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Gemology is scientific study of precious stones, semi precious stones, understanding its utility, advantages and commercialization of this natural resource.

As you are aware gems/ stones/ ratna/ navagraha are found under the earth or in sea ( Pearl / Coral). They are in the form of stones/ rocks and therefore lot of refinement, polishing is required.

Navagrah, ratna, gemstones are having its own color. For example yellow sapphire looks yellow as it reflects  yellow color from the universe and absorbs all other colors. While cloth looks white as it reflects white color and absorbs all the colors, similarly black color cloth shall absorb all colors and reflect none.

As the stones are found in nature, there are always chances of getting the purest form of stone and also impure form of stone.

The outer surface of any stone is surrounded with impurity and all the chips of stone which are then polished and refined may be from the core of a stone or from the outer surface.

Based on the purity level the value of the gem stone varies. The value of the gemstone is related to carat or cent in which the stones are weighed.

The market is flooded with lot of gem stones, precious stones and semi precious stones. Many of the suppliers provide the certificate for carat / cent value.

Human body if observed under prism shall indicate a spectrum of color bands in the form of patches of various colors. Its is this color in appropriate form decides the health-hygiene and well being of that individual. Lack of any color shall upset the individual and precisely this is the activity done by the gem stones to provide missing color to the individual.

The colors of the gemstones are governed by the 7 planets and therefore the impact of poor performance of that planet can be compensated with the wearing of the suitable gemstone during such phase.

Index finger, middle finger, ring finger and little finger are the fingers on which these gemstones can be worn.
The gemstones are to be worn with certain meditation and during specific time period to be  sacrosanct.

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Gem Type and Nomenclature: (Pushparaj, Pukharaj, Yellow apphire), (Powla,Monga,Corel), (Pachu,Panna,Emerald), (Gomed,Hesonite), (Lasnya, Lehsuniya,Cats eye), (Manik,Ruby), (Moti, Pearl), (Hira, Diamond), (Neelam, Blue Sapphire)
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Stone wise use and general theory





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