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The 6 th house in your chart indicates the Service or job related prospect, whereas, 1,2,11,12,9 collectively indicate the scope for Business. The Very important aspects of earning are defined by these positions and relevant ruling planets and their positions and effects in your horoscope.
We are here to find the accurate predictions, based on the birth related information / details you provide to us.

  1. Should I venture into Business?
  2. When Will I get the job?
  3. Which Industry should I pursue?
  4. Shall I get temporary or permanent job and when?
  5. When will I get promotion?
  6. Should I stay or quit current job?
  7. Should I pursue business or wind up?
  8. Will I get job in abroad?
  9. Will my business grow abroad?
  10. Is partnership recommended?
  11. Will I get good salary raise?
  12. Will I get appreciated in my current job?
  13. Shall I get good increment / incentive in my job?
  14. Should I expand my business?
  15. Should I diversify my business?

If  you are interested in understanding similar details, do share your information.

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Stone wise use and general theory





Do not take the predictive indications as final as nobody can be so exact, and therefore do not carry out any activity based on these results without proper consultations and realistic study of any situation. By predictive techniques we are always trying to cross the margin of success beyond 50% as there are always 50% chances of an event happening in your favor as put in very simplistic manner.

The proof of the accuracy is only after realizing that the event has gone in your favor and ipredict4u.in had very closely indicated the outcome in the near past. In that case we shall surely require your testimonial and shall be highly pleased to share the same.


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